Kentuckiana Seasonal Campers’ Guidelines/Rules

Kentuckiana Seasonal Guidelines/Rules  

As a privately owned campground, we reserve the right to refuse service


  1. Sign in by using the check-in form at the office upon arrival.
  2. Please X out each date you stay beyond one hour on this form.
  3. The x out date includes the following day up to the 4pm check out time.

Your Visitors

Friends and/or family members invited to Kentuckiana are welcome!  In addition to joining you for a cook out, visiting around the campfire or maybe even a golf cart ride, there are many activities they can join in on Sunday through Saturday afternoon free of charge.  Visitors staying after 5:00 PM on Saturday are charged a visitor’s fee.  Campers are responsible for their visitors’ actions.  Prior to your visitors’ arrival, we expect our campers to explain the following to their invited guests.

  1. Sign in at office.
  2. Pick up a vehicle pass and display on dashboard.
  3. Drive slowly, 10 mph limit…there are lots of kids, bikes and golf carts!
  4. vehicle per site and not on the neighboring site.
  5. Rules including no alcohol off campsite, pet rules, golf cart rules etc.
  6. Each visitor16 yrs or older on the campground after 5pm on Saturday are charged an $5 fee. Kids under 16 are free. Visitors choosing to attend the opry are charged an additional $5.00.


  1. As a seasonal camper, you are eligible for reduced rates by camping the duration of the 6 month season. Anything less than a 6 month stay results in a retroactive payment based on the monthly rate of $335.00. If you sell your camper, your rent doesn’t transfer to the new owner.  The new owner keeping the site, will start paying when taking ownership.
  2. Be prompt with the payment of your camping fee. Monthly payments are expected the first day of the month and can be paid in the office during regular office hours or mailed.  A late fee of $20.00 will be incurred for late payment. Campers with a balance due over 60 days will lose their campsite.
  3. To pay your electric bill
    • Monitor your meter. When ready to pay, bring your meter reading to the office. It is 14 cents a kilowatt. (subject to change with CornBelt)  An additional $1.00 a month service availability charge ($6.00 per season) will be charged.
    • Payment may be made monthly, twice a season or at season’s end. All electricity must be paid by October 31st
  1. If an emergency arises, call 911 and know your campsite road name and number. The rescue squad has a site map of the campground. When you call 911, please notify the  office during office hours (309)449-3274 or after hours cell (309)840-2234  (309)830-0284 so we can meet emergency services at the gate clear the roads to your site.
  2. Whenever any emergency or safety concern arises, contact the office or after hours      our cell.  We need to know immediately.  It is not an inconvenience and does assist us.
  3. Seek shelter from severe storms in the closest restroom.


Site Maintenance

Throughout the years, many campers consider Kentuckiana home away from home.  To help keep Kentuckiana a safe and well maintained campground …

  1. Seek management approval prior to

-digging or driving stakes.

-modifying your campsite in any way such as pouring concrete, laying patio blocks,

adding gravel/white rock, mulch, or extending concrete pad by any means.

-adding a shed or satellite dish

  1. Completely seal and tighten your sewer hose to a campground connection.
  1. Turn off your water when leaving campsite from stay.
  2. Wash your trailer once a year. This may be done from noon Sunday through Thursday.  On holidays, trailers may not be washed until noon on Monday. No washing during July 4th.
  3. Please stack your wood and make sure the rack is stable.
  4. Tidy up your site upon departure. Place golf cart and picnic table on pad.
  5. Please bag all of your raw garbage and place in dumpster. Cardboard boxes including beverage packaging should be broken down and placed in between the dumpsters along with scrap wood. No furniture, appliances, electronics, or mattresses can be left.  Scrap metals such as grills may be disposed of by placing them near the road on front of your site and contacting the office for pick up.

Keep in Mind…

  • Notify the office(309)449-3274 immediately should you observe a safety concern. after hours(309)840-2234 or (309)830-0284.
  • You are the primary occupant of your campsite. Extended stay for visitors (more than a weekend) is limited and must be approved through the office.
  • Management approval is required before putting a different unit on your site and if selling your trailer, management must meet with you and prospective buyers to review rules and guidelines and to close your paperwork and open theirs.
  • Only one golf cart per unit. Golf carts must be registered which includes proof of insurance.  Guidelines are available in office.
  • Motorized scooters/bikes operated by licensed drivers only. No motorized riding toys.
  • East lake and west lake has a 5 catfish limit per week per unit.

Do not molest or destroy frogs…..they kill bugs!

  • Holler playground closes at dusk. Other playgrounds close at 10:00 PM.
  • All campers must display registered camper decal in vehicle.
  • Anyone under 18 must be under direct supervision of parent/adult after 10 pm.
  • Bike riding during daylight only.
  • No firearms permitted.
  • Quiet time is 10pm-8am.
  • If you are a pet owner, please ask for and follow rules.
  • No alcoholic beverages off your campsite.
  • Stay off of adjoining properties.
  • Campfires must be attended. When leaving the campground, put out your campfire.

We (I) have read, understand and will abide by these rules and guidelines.  We (I) agree to hold harmless and to indemnify Kentuckiana Kampground Inc. as well as its officers and staff for all legal claims, damages, expenses, injuries, and/or property damage to the undersigned, his/her property, and minors in case of the undersigned.


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